What’s Next for Shelterbelt?

We’ve had a much-needed break from livestock chores over the Winter, and time for reflecting and planning. In that time we have finished redesigning the barn. I’m struggling to marshal enthusiasm about the process of rebuilding, but I am very excited for the structure to be complete! The only similarities to the old barn will be the upstairs apartment and farm store. The remainder of the main floor will contain a commercial kitchen and a small event space. We’ll use both of these for farm events like skill-building workshops and community gatherings. It will likely take us a couple years to finish, but we look forward to welcoming you to Barn 2.0!

Remainder of the post-fire, post-cleanup barn tarped off for the Winter

In the meantime, to make room in our lives for all the construction, Summer 2022 will look quite different at the farm. Here’s what you can expect:

What We’re Not Doing This Year:

  • Farm Store – not the in-person one anyway, but you can find all our current inventory of beef, lamb, ginger syrup, aronia syrup, and ginger candy in our online store
  • Glamping – all the tent furnishings went up in the fire, so we’re going to take a break from hosting this Summer and use this time to make some improvements to the glamping set-up
  • Plant Sale – sadly, no purple transplants this year! We’re taking advantage of one more month without livestock to go visit friends in other states, and plant starts don’t fit in that plan
  • Eggs – without a farm store as a sales channel, selling eggs is more of a logistical challenge than we can take on this year

Our hope is that we can bring back all of these in 2023!

What We Are Doing This Year

There may be a lot that we’re not doing, but already plenty of things have rushed in to fill the space created by those absent enterprises. Primarily the great time sinkhole of 2022 will be the barn rebuild. But we will also be preparing for our first silvopasture planting in the Fall: setting up a small nursery, taking cuttings, laying out the planting design, mulching and amending the soil, building deer fence, and then planting in Oct.

And, as noted above, we will still be selling beef and lamb (retail cuts as well as whole, half, and quarter animals), ginger candy and syrup, aronia syrup, and Praise the Lard balms. To check out what’s in stock and place an order, please visit our online store.

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