The Frenay/Modisher family–Craig, Erica and their children Rowan and Phoenix–are the current stewards of Shelterbelt Farm, which we officially launched as a farm business in 2010. We’re located in the scenic rolling hills of Caroline, NY, in the Finger Lakes region just southeast of Ithaca. The farm is home to three generations of Modishers, and cattle, sheep, chickens, geese, dogs, bees, fruit trees, and vegetables.

We farm because we are passionate about regenerating the health of our community and this land, by building soil and plant diversity, providing a low-stress, happy life for our animals, and producing nourishing pasture-raised meats. We believe that all-natural production practices, great taste and quality, and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand.

In our “spare” time, Craig applies his net-zero building design and construction skills at STREAM Collaborative architecture, and Erica supports beginning farmers via the Cornell Small Farms Program.

Shelterbelt Farm is located in Caroline, NY, about 9 miles southeast of Ithaca. Our farm is on Creamery Road, which begins just across from the Caroline Town Hall, in Slaterville Springs, off Rte 79. Creamery Road is short; just over a mile long. Our official address is 200 Creamery Road, and you can most easily find us at the 90 degree bend in the road. Our driveway is immediately downhill and on the inside of that turn.

Call Craig and Erica at 607-342-3771 or email us at info@shelterbeltfarm.com.

3 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. A very interesting article in the Sept. issue of the old mill. It appears that the “acidified FDA” almost stopped the process. Congrats on yours sucess.

    I was especially interested in the start ups to farming as owner of Larchwood Farms, now for sale. (We got old) We have had nearly 3 dozen prospective buyers with a combination of residence/business interests but those with an ideal vision such as yours are either without resources or are fearful of the process. We continue to list the farm and hope a family will come along and enjoy family farming as we did for over 30 years.

    Thanks for the article, Paul


  2. Hello fellow aroniaberry lover! I have 10 bushes and this year gathered 23# . I make jams, freeze them for adding into cakes,sryup and juice them so I can have a shot of it my orange juice everyday. I wanted to know if you have any ideas what to with the berries after juicing? I can’t bring myself to just throw them away. I am going to put some in jelly bowl for Orioles /robins and see if they like them. Sincerely, Pam.


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