Daffodil harbingers

There’s still a lot of snow up here in the hills of Caroline, but who’s complaining? I can see bare ground in most places, and where there’s bare ground there will soon be grass, and flowers, and LIFE! The daffodils have poked their heads proudly up through the chilly soil to announce that Spring is … More Daffodil harbingers

Visible Progress

Gone are the days of parking by the side of the road and wading through waist-high goldenrod and wild raspberry when we visit our farm land. We now have a home base there: a driveway, pond, and the beginnings of a multi-purpose barn/apartment/workshop building. Nearly 16 months ago we salvaged a hemlock timber frame from … More Visible Progress

Off and running

It’s been a while since our last update. We had a major scramble as the trees, bees, and chicks all arrived around the same time (who planned that, anyway??) and of course, finishing the chickens’ pasture shelters took about three times longer than we thought it would. But the trees are in the ground – … More Off and running