The Prudent Carnivore – great article from the Small Farm Quarterly by Shannon Hayes about how chickens are raised on pasture and why they don’t deserve to be America’s “cheap meat.” Hayes is the author of the Grassfed Gourmet, the Farmer and the Grill, and Radical Homemakers.

The Ethics and Morals of Eating Meat (PDF) – by the very wise and multi-talented Karma Glos, our friend and mentor. Karma describes her transformation from animal activist and vegan to livestock farmer.


Silly farmers – farming is hard work, and stressful too. Humor helps! Huguenot Street Farm in New Paltz inspires us with this hilarious video about their farm.


Eat Wild – the best source of information on the benefits of eating grass-fed and pastured meats

All things Organic – Rodale Institute website is a fantastic source of info for eaters and farmers

Holistic Management – a triple-bottom-line philosophy and decision-making process that informs every aspect of our farm management, including grazing planning, financial management, and our quality of life as a family!

Cornell Small Farms Program – Erica’s part-time employer, and a program that provides fantastic support and a voice to small farms all over NY

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