Yes, We Have No Turkeys Today

…but we do have ginger and honey, pork and lamb!

Rewind to May 2014: if you didn’t hear the news by other means, we lost our dear livestock guardian dog–and farm mascot–Derin early this Spring. He was hit by a car while chasing a deer. We think he had a bit of Spring Fever as he had never before challenged his fence, and was usually terrified of electric fence.

What this meant for our farm season is that we decided to cancel our turkey order. We had raised turkeys here for 4 years before Derin joined our team, and had experienced escalating predation rates, reaching almost 60% in the 4th year. This, despite our use of high voltage electric netting, Nite Guards, snap traps, baited live traps, and guard geese. With Derin here predation dropped to near zero. So, we’re very sorry to disappoint our turkey customers but we just can’t raise poultry here without a guardian dog.

We can however refer all of you who want a local organic turkey to our dear friends at the Good Life Farm in Interlaken, where they are taking pre-orders for Thanksgiving turkeys.

And, while our farm’s cacophony is missing the contented chirrup of turkeys this year, we do have pigs and lambs and bees, all of which produce tasty products you can find on our Products and Prices page. Ginger harvest is also imminent–on Oct 2–and will only be available for a short time, so sign up to reserve some! Perhaps for ginger tea to soothe your tummy, or homemade candied ginger as holiday gifts?


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