Spring Pushes Ahead Despite Weather Chaos

Rowan with a duckling from our new home laying flock of Khaki Campbells

Night temperatures have been dropping into the 20’s, and we got 5 inches of snow last Sunday, April 22nd. So it feels like February. But the sun is setting around 8pm and there are leaves on most of the trees. April? Talk about confusing! We’re not sure what to make of it all, but despite the weather irregularities, Spring is marching ahead on the farm, with baby animals arriving every few days.

Our 4.5-year-old daughter Rowan has her first mini-flock of 6 ducks. We have 8 gawky Chinese White goslings sharing brooder space with the now half-feathered broiler chicks. The goslings seem to think they are chickens, which is perfect since they’ll be responsible for guarding the chickens on pasture once the geese are a bit older (their timid peep isn’t exactly threatening yet, but they’re only a couple weeks old).

Yesterday we brought home 10 curious, adorable piglets. They are thrilled to be on pasture, and are happily eating up the grass and clover where the foundation for our home will be built in a few weeks. If you’re interested in pork, please see details on our Products and Prices page and reserve yours soon as we’re already nearly sold out for 2012!


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